DBGate Sample 13 - Data Types

This example allows testing supported data types via different data providers.
The behavior can be different. For example, ODBC drivers may not support datetime2 or spatial data types.

The datatypes table contains fields for tested data types. The table data are available via any provider.
The usp_datatypes procedure selects data as is. ODBC and OLEDB providers may not support some types.
The usp_odbc_datatypes procedure selects data using the required casts to be suitable via ODBC and OLEDB.
You can open the source code of the tables and procedures using the links.

OLEDB providers are supported in the .NET Framework version but not in the .NET Core one.

You can open data in the editor. Choose your language below. Click links to view JSON data.

SQL Server

ODBC Driver 17datatypesusp_datatypesusp_odbc_datatypes$metadata
Source codedatatypesusp_datatypesusp_odbc_datatypes


ODBC Driverdatatypesusp_datatypesusp_odbc_datatypes$metadata
Source codedatatypesusp_datatypesusp_odbc_datatypes


ODBC Driverdatatypesusp_datatypesusp_odbc_datatypes$metadata
Source codedatatypesusp_datatypesusp_odbc_datatypes


DBGate supports almost all data types via ODBC, OLEDB, and .NET data providers.

You can download samples for any supported database platform with the SaveToDB SDK.