DBGate Samples


DBGate allows viewing and editing database data in a browser.

It automatically creates REST services for defined connection strings reading database metadata.

For example, here is a URL to select and update the s02.cashbook table through the mssql-023 connection:


Here is a URL to view and edit data in a built-in JavaScript client (the URL contains /edit/ instead of /api/):


Database developers may customize services using special configuration tables like xls.handlers and xls.translations.

DBGate supports UI and data translation on-the-fly. For example, select a language below and try this example.

You may download these samples for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other platforms with the SaveToDB SDK.

Sample 02 - Advanced Features

This sample shows advanced features like data translation and value lists from primary key tables.

DBGate configures features reading the database metadata and configuration tables like xls.handlers and xls.translations.

Planning Application

This sample shows advanced features of the SaveToDB Planning Application for Microsoft Excel and SQL Server.

The application contains typical tables like dimensions, members, and facts, a form builder, and the required infrastructure.

Sample 01 - Basic Features

This sample shows basic features. It contains a simple plain table and several views and stored procedures based on the table.

It has only auto-configured features based on the database metadata.

Sample 17 - Budget Request

This sample shows how to create multi-dimensional forms with calculated totals and conditional formatting.
It also uses a trick to return the required number of rows.

Sample 16 - Symbol Lists

This sample shows typical solutions in application develepment.

Sample 04 - Order Form

This sample shows how to create calculated columns selecting formulas like =[@amount]*[@price].


The samples above use constant logins and passwords for demo purposes.

You may try any sample using the following logins with a common password: Usr_2011#_Xls4168

To reset the login, close the browser and open the page once again.